Visitor Dairy is a web based software and mobile app that allows you to maintain the record of the visitor. Visitor Dairy is pretty useful software. We offer Visitor Management Software which helps in security, check-in and provides great facilities as it keeps tracking the visitors in your premises.Visitor Dairy helps you to improve visitor check-in and check-out process. Using this system, you will be able to track visitors records easily with digital photograph and signature.

  • Set visitor policies
  • Get alerts when visitors have arrived
  • Issue passes
  • Pre-register visitors
  • Set-up visitor kiosks
  • Use email and SMS notifications
  • Run reports



Automated visitor management systems lend a more professional appearance to check in systems, automobile showrooms, enhance security and meet compliance mandates for the collection and auditing of visitor data for a company or organization.


Manage all your appointments on your Virtual Practice. An effective tool to schedule appointments based on your convenience for doctors, lawyers, pandit, astrologer, politicians etc. Receive timely reminders ahead of schedule appointments to help you plan your day.


Visitor dairy is a simple, perfect and secured Visitor Management Software for shops, brand outlets etc. Filter your customers and ping with special offers.

Visitor Diary Category

  • Shops & Showrooms

  • Shopping Mart

  • Brand Retail Outlets

  • Political Parties

  • Lawyers

  • Doctor

  • Pandit / Astrologers

  • Consultancy Firms

  • Company / Corporate

  • Automobiles Dealers

  • Real Estate

  • Educational Org.

  • NGO Org.

  • Hotels/Restaurants

  • Manufacturing Units

  • Travel Agency

Download the Visitors app Now!

  • Better Control over Un-wanted Visitors
  • Track returning visitors
  • Improving the efficiency of check in/check out process
  • Quick and detailed visitor verification
  • Manage Visitor Records
  • Scan a license, passport or business card to pull visitor information into our software
  • Save time by preregistering visitors and assigning arrival and departure information
  • unlimited users
  • Export data